Magellan Midstream Partners Announces Sale

Magellan Midstream Partners Announces Sale of Three Marine Terminals to Buckeye Partners.


AMZI Update

Today Alerian announced that Buckeye Partners, which is being taken private by an infrastructure fund, will be removed from Alerian indices on Friday September 20th

MLP Quarterly Update

At the end of the second quarter, the MLP Index had a year-to-date total return of 17.7% while energy stocks were up 3.3%, oil prices were up 24.6% and the S&P was up 18.5%.

Preferred Stock Update

The rally on the long end of the Treasury curve during the month of August has been staggering.

Midstream MLP Sector Update

The entire energy sector is being dragged down by concerns over a slowdown in global growth.


MLP Market Environment

Stocks have been hovering near correction territory since late October, driven by comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, and fears of a China economic slowdown related to current and pending tariffs.