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Why Invest with InfraCap?

Infrastructure Capital Advisors [InfraCap] is a boutique financial firm with over $1.5 Billion in managed assets.  We are a leading provider of investment management solutions specializing in ETFs, managed hedge funds, and providing consulting services for other investment firms. 


Our success comes from our ability to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of income-focused investors.  As shareholders in our funds, you own a part of a professionally managed portfolio.  We take our role as fiduciaries seriously, and we offer funds to meet the needs of investors with varying levels of risk tolerance. 

How We Invest:

We are long-term investors seeking to maximize investment returns over full market cycles.  To minimize risk, we prefer to invest in securities backed by long-lived assets that generate substantial streams of free cash flow.  To enhance income for more risk tolerant investors, we may use modest leverage or options strategies.


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Small Cap Income ETF

The InfraCap Small Cap Income ETF (the “Fund”) seeks total return through a blended approach of capital appreciation and current income.

InfraCap Small Cap  Income Fund ETF

Equity Income
Fund ETF

The InfraCap Equity Income Fund ETF (the “Fund”) seeks to maximize income and pursue total return opportunities through dividends.

InfraCap Equity Income Fund ETF

U.S. Preferred
Fund ETF

An actively managed portfolio of U.S. preferred securities seeking current income and to maximize yield-to-call while using modest leverage.

Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred ETF

Active MLP

An actively managed ETF invested in the US midstream energy infrastructure sector, using modest leverage and a covered call writing strategy.


REIT Preferred Stock ETF

The only ETF offering a diversified investment in preferred securities issued by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).



InfraCap REIT
Preferred ETF


Our Philosophy

At InfraCap, we believe long-term investing in real assets can generate superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle.  We like to make cash distributions from our investment portfolios and give our investors the option of using the cash for necessary expenses or to reinvest in our funds.

Our Strategies

We offer both fixed income and equity income funds.  Our aim is to offer funds that can meet the needs of investors with different levels of risk tolerance.  Our actively managed funds may use modest leverage and options strategies to enhance income.  Our index-based fund is passively managed and holds an unlevered basket of securities. 


We prefer to focus on inefficiently priced asset classes, such as preferred stocks and MLPs.  Stock selection in our active funds is driven by proprietary quantitative models focused on credit quality and market valuations.   Our index-based fund provides focused exposure to a segment of the preferred stock asset class.

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Market Outlook & Updates


Weekly and monthly market and economic update articles with  updates on state of the markets and economy as well as other featured articles written by InfraCap management.


The Global Monetary Base is a critical leading indicator of inflation/deflation and a driver of global stock and bond prices.  InfraCap provides monthly update reports on key changes with the GMB.


Monthly update reports comparing standard CPI-U to the custom InfraCap adjusted CPI called CPI-R.  InfraCap developed this adjusted CPI to provide a better economic indicator that fixes flawed Housing calculations on CPI. 

With today's ever-fluctuating stock market, US inflation, & high-interest rates, InfraCap provides a variety of research reports and updates on key investment sectors including:  Preferred Stocks, Large Cap Dividend Stocks, and MLP & Energy Investment Markets. 


Current videos interviews from major financial media outlets and blogs interviewing CEO Jay Hatfield.  

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Head Office

Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC

1325 Ave of the Americas, 28th Fl

New York, NY 10019

Main Office:  212-763-8336

Office Hrs:   Monday - Friday

                    8:00 am to 5:00 pm


For inquiries or questions, please call main office at

212-763-8336 or click below to email:

Jay Hatfield, 

CEO, Founder & Porfolio Manager

Email     Call

Edward Ryan

COO / Founder

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