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Virtus InfraCap US Preferred Stock ETF
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Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC (ICA) is a registered investment advisor that manages an actively managed ETF and a series of hedge funds. The firm was formed in 2012 and is based in New York City.

Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF




NAV Symbol                  PFFA.NV

IOPV Symbol                   PFFA.IV

CUSIP                         26923G822

Inception Date               05/15/18


Virtus ETF Advisers LLC



VP Distributors, LLC



Infrastructure Capital Advisors



S&P U.S. Preferred Stock Index

The Fund seeks current income and, secondarily, capital appreciation through a portfolio of preferred securities issued by U.S. companies with market capitalizations of over $100 million.


Focus on Income — Offers the potential for attractive yields, while pursuing
compelling total return results

Active Management — Security selection and weightings are based on a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and relative valuation factors

Enhanced Exposure — Modest leverage (typically 20-30%) is utilized to enhance portfolio beta, and options strategies are used in an effort to enhance current income


1 Evaluate potential investments on a variety of key variables, including the competitive position of a company; the perceived ability of the company to earn a high return on capital; the historical and projected stability and reliability of the profits of the company; the anticipated ability of the company to generate cash in excess of its growth needs; and the access of the company to additional capital.


2 Generally underweight or eliminate callable preferred securities exhibiting a low or negative yield-to-call ratio.  Learn about strategy using preferred stocks.

3 Apply leverage to potentially enhance portfolio exposure.

4 Employ option overlay strategies primarily to seek to provide additional current income; opportunistic short positions may be employed to hedge interest rate risk.


Full Fund information is available by clicking on the Full Fund Information button below to be directed to the Virtus Investment Advisors website page for this fund.  The fund is distributed by VP Distributors, LLC, an affiliate of Virtus ETF Advisers, LLC.


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