It is critical for the U.S. to have a combined corporate tax rate that is competitive with the rest of the world as global corporations can move operations and taxable income easily between countries, potentially impacting U.S. employment and both direct and indirect tax revenue. 


Once vaccines are widely distributed, “we’re probably going to have the biggest surge in demand ever, at least year-over-year, and we’re not going to get the supply response we normally got”



2020 will go down in history as a historic year, on and off Wall Street.


Oil edged lower with growing virus restrictions and signs the labor-market recovery may be slowing in the U.S. dampens the near-term demand outlook.


Oil declined for a second session as rising Covid-19 cases threatened to derail demand with tougher restrictions in major U.S. cities on the horizon.


Jay Hatfield has approximately $400M in assets under management. Jay is a deep value investor and shares some timeless advice on how to invest your portfolio for healthy appreciation and enjoy income along the way.


CNN -- Stocks went on a wild ride Tuesday after the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by a half-point to help insulate the US economy from the global coronavirus outbreak.


VALUEWALK-- At Infrastructure Capital Advisors, we believe that many investors were too focused on the trade war in 2019, and not focused enough on global monetary trends. 


MARKETWATCH -- Oil futures fell sharply on Wednesday, logging lowest settlement since mid-December, as comments from President Donald Trump calmed nerves surrounding a potential war with Iran.


Stocks’ latest records are a testament to one thing: Investors aren’t worried about a recession happening soon. The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 28,000 in the very last minute of Friday’s trading session, capping off an otherwise quiet week with its first thousand-point milestone since July.



Shale producers stand to benefit from the oil-market volatility unleashed by Thursday’s attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, as U.S. companies vie with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries for global market share.

MARKETWATCH -- The Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF (NYSE:PFFA) has declared a monthly dividend of $0.55 per share. 



MARKETWATCH -- The InfraCap MLP ETF (NYSE: AMZA) has declared a monthly distribution of $0.08 ($.96 per share on an annualized basis).

MARKETWATCH -- The InfraCap REIT Preferred ETF (NYSE: PFFR) has declared a monthly distribution of $0.14 per share.



WSJ -- Stocks’ latest records are a testament to one thing: Investors aren’t worried about a recession happening soon.

REUTERS -- Midstream energy firm Tallgrass Energy said it had received an offer from Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, its partners and affiliates to acquire the shares in the company that they do not already own.



YAHOO FINANCE -- “The only real risk we see in the economy is manufacturing,” says InfraCap Founder & CEO Jay Hatfield. “That’s a headwind, but we don’t think that’s enough to take us into a recession.”

BLOOMBERG -- Oil posted its worst May performance in seven years as global trade tensions escalated, undermining the outlook for energy demand growth.



ENERGY IN DEPTH -- More than two dozen FERC-regulated pipeline projects are feeding $32.6 billion in investments across the Appalachian Basin, according to a new report from Energy In Depth.


BLOOMBERG -- By now you’ve almost certainly heard (and heard) about Modern Monetary Theory. Opinions on the validity of MMT are a dime a dozen, but how to trade MMT has been Wall Street’s great unknown.


FINANCIAL ADVISOR -- In all of the recent discussions of income inequality, one major causative factor has been overlooked: Federal Reserve policy. 


Blackstone Group and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board have more in common than the need to put billions of dollars to work. 


CNN BUSINESS -- An obscure measure known as the yield curve is flattening. That means the gap between short and long-term Treasury rates has narrowed.


MARKETWATCH -- Oil futures declined on Friday, pressured by concerns about global energy demand, but U.S. prices managed to tally a gain for the week, their third in a row.


BARRON'S -- Blackstone Group and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board have more in common than the need to put billions of dollars to work. 


BEHIND THE MARKETS -- In this episode of Behind the Markets hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Liqian Ren talk to Jay Hatfield, founder and CEO InfraCap, about investing in energy and infrastructure and why he's bullish on oil.


YAHOO FINANCE -- Jerome Powell appeared before the House Financial Services committee today facing a range of questions on everything from income inequality to rate increases. 



BLOOMBERG -- Brent crude closed below $55 a barrel for the first time in more than a year as economic warning signs sent markets reeling across the globe.


MARKETWATCH -- Oil prices settled with a 4% gain on Monday as optimism ahead of an OPEC meeting grew after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman agreed to extend output cuts.


CNBC -- Energy stocks are the worst-performing equities over the last three months, but there’s one small concession for the sector. 


FUNDFIRE -- Private equity managers have cranked up energy investing efforts this year – stockpiling deals, launching new funds, adding joint venture partnerships, and building new investment platforms. 


KIPLINGER -- Traditionally, when interest rates move higher, investors rotate away from utilities. But that hasn’t been the case; instead, the sector’s safety aspect is winning out, and jittery investors are piling into the space.


MARKETWATCH -- US stocks extended losses Thursday, with the DJIA off more than 400 points at its lows, on worries about global growth and as investors continued to weigh minutes of the Fed’s September meeting, which were viewed as hawkish.


INVESTOPEDIA -- The major stock indexes took a pummeling last week over fears that interest rates are rising too quickly. 


U.S. NEWS -- Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has been quoted about concerns the economy is moving into stagflation – where economic growth stalls but inflation continues to rise.


KIPLINGER -- Preferred stocks – a high-yield asset that’s typically referred to as a stock-bond “hybrid” because it has characteristics of each – are treading water this year after a strong showing in 2017.


ETF -- The actively managed Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF (PFFA) is designed to generate current income and capital appreciation.


THINKADVISOR -- Virtus ETF Solutions partnered with Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC to introduce the Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF.


CNBC -- A tumultuous period capped by the U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear dealis finally coaxing investors off the sidelines and into the beaten-up energy sector.


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- The main U.S. oil benchmark, West Texas Intermediate, has soared to its highest level in years at $71 a barrel. Good luck getting that price in West Texas.


BARRON'S -- In a few days, the U.S. will decide whether to extend waivers on economic sanctions against Iran. If it doesn’t, the global market could lose about one million barrels of oil a day.


TD AMERITRADE -- Founder and CEO of Infrastructure Capital Management, Portfolio Manager of InfraCap ETFs AMZA and PFFR Jay Hatfield discusses various topics on Market On Close.


ETF TRENDS -- Despite calls for higher interest rates ahead, investors are concerned that markets might be stuck in an extended low-yield environment.


TD AMERITRADE -- Founder and CEO of Infrastructure Capital Management, Portfolio Manager of InfraCap ETFs AMZA and PFFR Jay Hatfield talks Interest Rates


NASDAQ -- Anybody who is even partially dependent on their investments for income is all too aware that yield is hard to find, even now. 


CNN -- An obscure measure known as the yield curve is flattening. That means the gap between short and long-term Treasury rates has narrowed.


MARKETWATCH -- The yuan-denominated crude contract launches, meaning for the first time non-Chinese can trade in Chinese commodity markets


BLOOMBERG -- Pipeline stocks plunged after federal regulators ruled that master-limited partnerships can no longer receive a credit for income taxes they don’t pay.


GROW -- You may have heard inflation is rising. But what does that actually mean?


TD AMERITRADE -- Wrap up your trading day with a live recap of the day's top stories and market movers, then look ahead to tomorrow's expectations and upcoming events.


FORBES -- Master limited partnership investors are going to get a 20% deduction. How does it work?

Good news for income investors: The tax treatment of energy partnerships, already pretty good, just got better.


FORBES -- Looking for stocks with fat dividends? Congress just delivered a bonanza. Two kinds of yield stocks are going to enjoy that 20% tax deduction awarded to "pass through" entities: real estate investment trusts and master limited partnerships.


TD AMERITRADE -- Wrap up your trading day with a recap of the day's top stories and market movers, then look ahead to tomorrow's expectations and upcoming events.


BARRON'S -- Tightening global supplies and rising demand for crude oil helped prices for the commodity start the year with a bang -- hitting —hitting their highest levels in more than three years—and many analysts believe the market has the fuel it needs to continue the rally to as high as $80 a barrel.


US NEWS -- Exchange-traded funds increasingly find a place in investor portfolios. According to Charles Schwab's 2017 ETF Investor Study, 42 percent of investors primarily invest in ETFs, up from 30 percent in 2015.


US NEWS -- With equity markets coming off a marvelous 2017 run – the S&P 500 index advanced 19 percent, the Nasdaq composite added 28 percent and the Dow Jones industrial average recently surpassed the 25,000 mark for the first time – investors may find themselves wondering if 2018 can turn out to be another rosy year.


BUSINESSWIRE -- To assist in breaking the cycle of poverty, Tutoring America, a nonprofit organization working to close the education gap between low- and high-income students, has announced it will provide a technology grant to Delta Streets Academy to help enhance student academic resources and skills to prepare pupils for college.



US NEWS -- Buy-and-hold investors aren't the only ones who should care about which investments suit a long-term investing horizon best. Fund investors should give some thought to that question, too.


THE NEW YORK TIMES -- The House Republicans’ tax overhaul bill calls for reducing the tax burden on people who own small businesses like Steve’s Bike Shop — not giving breaks to professional athletes like Stephen Curry, the N.B.A. All-Star.


BUSINESSWIRE -- Tutoring America, a non-profit organization working to close the education gap between low and high-income students, announces a partnership with Washington Wizards star Chris McCullough on a tutoring grant supporting the academic mission of the Riverside Hawks youth basketball program.


BLOOMBERG -- Oil extended gains after an industry report was said to show both U.S. crude and gasoline stockpiles tumbled last week.


FINANCIAL REVIEW -- Oil rose as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman backed the extension of OPEC output cuts beyond March 2018.


SEEKING ALPHA -- There has been an increasing amount of new issue preferred stocks from the REIT sector as REITs are trying to raise perpetual capital at attractive rates. The sizable demand for these preferred has allowed the REITs to offer them at low rates and often with no concession to existing issues.


MARKETWATCH -- Oil prices logged a third straight session gain, as OPEC raised its forecast for crude demand but said output by member countries rose in September despite a deal to limit production.


HOWSTUFFWORKS -- They're considered to be among the most persecuted citizens in the world, yet they're not well known in many parts of the globe. "They" are the Rohingya, a group of Muslims who hail from northern Myanmar


US NEWS-- What are the biggest differences between dividend stocks and real estate investment trusts?

It's an important question, especially for income investors, who seek a reliable, safe, and meaningful flow of cash from their investments and are less concerned about hunting the next 10-bagger stock.

EUROMONEY-- Investment in logistics assets is on the up, while interest in retail properties seems to be on the slide, dragged down by the sense that they are the past, not the future. But bricks and mortar may yet have some bounce in it.



MARKETWATCH-- Oil ended slightly higher on Friday, with prices extending a streak of weekly gains, as major oil producers at an OPEC-led committee meeting boasted record compliance with their production-cut agreement, but, as expected, reached no decision to extend the agreement.


THE INQUIRER -- Gasoline prices rose a dime a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week at our local Wawa, the Delaware County-based convenience-store chain that sells about one of every 100 U.S. tank fill-ups.


DALLASNEWS -- Texas is the energy capital of the country, both in terms of crude oil production and refining that into different types of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other products.



CNBC -- Energy stocks posted their first four-week winning streak of 2017, and some portfolio managers believe the sector can keep rallying.


CNBC -- Pipeline and energy infrastructure companies face operational challenges in the coming years even as U.S. oil drilling recovers and a natural gas export boom gets underway, consulting firm Bain & Co. says in a new report.


INVESTMENTNEWS -- The popularity of companies that give back — such as Warby Parker and TOMS, which donate a pair of glasses or shoes for every pair you buy — is spreading to investments.


BARRON'S-- These securities, which have characteristics of stocks and bonds, have drawn flocks of investors

seeking yields around 6%.


BLOOMBERG -- Hedge funds have undone all their wagers on an OPEC-driven oil rally, and that could be good for prices.

BARRON'S -- For investors seeking income, it’s a jungle out there. The Federal Reserve is determined to keep raising interest rates even though economic growth remains stubbornly slow. And hopes are starting to fade that a pro-business Trump administration will immediately usher in faster growth.



YAHOO -- The Federal Reserve's decision to implement a 0.25 percent rate hike in December and again in March has sparked speculation on how bond yields may be affected, but the impact of rising rates is set to trickle over into other asset classes, including real estate.


U.S. NEWS -- When OPEC agreed to cut production to help start reducing the global glut of crude oil, the markets cheered and prices started to stabilize around $50 a barrel. But the decision also spurred U.S. shale-oil producers to start drilling again, and drilling they have been.


YAHOO -- Exchange-traded funds are an attractive alternative to traditional mutual funds for investors who prefer a low-cost, tax-efficient method for investing. These funds are generally designed to track a specific index, such as the Standard & Poor 500 index, but a new generation of ETFs feature a narrower focus.

BENZINGA -- Preferred stocks and real estate investment trusts are among the favored destinations for income investors. High yields and diversification away from traditional asset classes are among the reasons why.



U.S. NEWS -- Oil and natural gas companies are likely to get a boost by President-elect Donald Trump's policies, but experts are bullish more from the sector's fundamentals than the new administration.



OGM -- Current consensus forecasts indicate the global oversupply of crude oil will persist in 2016 with the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) calling for December 2016 oversupply of 600,000 barrels per day.

BARRON'S -- Preferred stocks and real estate investment trusts are among the favored destinations for income investors. High yields and diversification away from traditional asset classes are among the reasons why.


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